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     I start training them the moment I see they are mobile enough to go down a ramp to the puppy yard to do their business.  Usually by 5-6 weeks of age they are already trained to use the outside dog door, go down a ramp to the puppy yard and go potty.  By the time they are 7 weeks old, they are trained to sit and wait for a treat.  They are also trained not to bite the treat from your hand, but to take it gently.  The rest of the training is up to you.

     There is nothing better than a well-behaved and well-trained dog, which has respect for his master along with a strong bond.  Always remember, that when you take a puppy, that they are just babies.  Like babies, they cry when they are hungry or thirsty or when they have to go potty.  Always take them out to a designated potty station, just after they wake up from a nap, after eating and just before bedtime.  Their little bladders are very small and still developing, so it seems like they are peeing all the time.  Diapers help a lot.   The pet shops should have different types of cloth diapers.  One designated for boys, and one for the girls, since their anatomy is different.  Using diapers helps, because it gives you time to recognize the behavior of the pup, just prior to going to the bathroom.  Removing the diaper at the designated potty spot helps to clarify to the puppy, that you want him or her to do their business.  Giving them the special treat just after they do the job and telling them a release command of,”Good Boy”, will also reinforce your training efforts.

     With a Siberian husky, the Come command is essential.  They are very intelligent and curious dogs and tend to wonder off.  This is also, why I say they must be supervised on a leash.  Off leash time would have to be in a fenced dog park, until you can train for a 100% total recall.  That would require a very long lead.  You let the dog out on it and call him back with a tug on the rope and treat him with a very special treat.  Always make sure that he comes right to your knees.  You should gently hold his collar, give him the treat and release him again.  Do this in a game like fashion.  Huskies love to play. 

     When they run away, and you run after them, they think that they are playing a real fun game with you.  So, never run after them.  Instead, train them to love riding in the car or going into the house.  That way, if they do get out and are running around, telling you to come catch them, just open the car door or the house door.  The next thing you know, you have a dog in tow.

     I tend to get carried away with training, but a dog can never get to much training.  Always remember, the dogs attention span is about 15 min. or less as a puppy.  Train in 15-minute sessions, about four times a day or more.  It’s entirely up to you.

     My observation of the husky is that they are very loyal dogs.  They tend to have a stronger bond with one person, but will also respect other family members.  Everyone must establish to the dog, that they are the top dogs over him.  It is all very pack oriented.  There are a number of books on this subject.  If you as a puppy buyer have any questions on behavior or training, I’m always glad to answer them, unless I don’t know the answer, than I would refer the question to your Veterinarian.

     I breed dogs only to the accepted akc standard.  There is no reason to just produce pet quality.  I want all my puppies to have every opportunity to show or go into other competition. 


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